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Performance Valve Bodies

Manual/Automatic Valve Bodies

For street and strip vehicles, a combo valve body (manual/automatic) is perfect for most. These types of valve bodies let you put it in drive so the transmission functions like a normal passenger car transmission. It also gives you full manual control to shift up and down through the gears.


Full Manual Valve Bodies

Full manual valve bodies are often used in racing where a hard launch is not required. Pulling tractors and monster trucks often use them to get complete control over shifting. Manual valve bodies come in standard shift pattern and reversed pattern.


Transbrakes allow you to push a button, rev the engine and release it to launch. Driver reaction time is still paramount. A transbrake will generally reduce the time between reaction and vehicle movement. Other electronic devices can be used in conjunction with a transbrake for serious race cars. They are made for drag racing and the quick reaction times needed.