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Transmission Coolers

Cool Transmissions Last Longer


Remote Trans CoolerA quick way to kill an automatic transmission is to let it get hot. Pulling heavy loads and race track thrashing all lead to overheated transmissions. If you pull heavy loads with a truck, transmission temperature gauges are invaluable to avoid costly transmission repairs. Aftermarket computer programmers often include trans temperature in their displays. There are 2 ways to monitor transmission temperature. If you know your transmission is getting hot, add an external cooler. Transmission fluid coolers work by providing surface area where heat can be removed by moving air, much like a radiator. There are many sizes of trans coolers to match your needs. The larger the cooler, the more it will cool. Trans coolers should be mounted up front behind or in front of your radiator where air can flow through the grille to remove the heat. If your engine runs hot, do not block the engine radiator more. This could make your engine cooling problems worse.

Remote Transmission Coolers

Frame mounted transmission coolers with self contained fans are useful for extreme cooling needs or when you can't put the cooler up front in the air stream. These types can often be set to turn on when the transmission fluid reaches a set temperature.