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Torqueflite 727 Transmissions

Superior Strength

Torqueflite 727 Automatic TransmissionPerhaps the greatest compliment you can say about the 727 is that other manufacturers recognized the superiority of the Chrysler 727 and either tried to buy the rights to build similar trannies, or copied the best features. Torqueflite 727 transmissions are legendary torture takers. The 727 has proven itself as a true bullet proof 3 speed automatic transmission that has taken the abuse of the Chrysler Hemi and lived to tell about it. Introduced in the early 60's, the Chrysler A727, or Torqueflite 727, has backed up small and big block powerhouses from the Chrysler stable since that time. They are still used on everyday drivers, street rods and drag cars today. Equipped with an aluminum case, the 727 is light and strong. Early models were controlled with a push button gear selector. The transmission eventually came standard with traditional column shift linkage or with a more performance oriented floor shifter. Bellhousings on the 727 were made to match the small block or big block Chrysler, but do not interchange.


Torque Converter

In the late 70's, Chrysler started building most A727 transmissions with a lock-up torque converter in response to higher fuel costs/fuel shortages. This allowed the converter to lock up to reduce slippage that is associated with torque converters. At a certain engine RPM, the converter would lock automatically. Torque diameter on most 727's from the factory was 10.75 inches.