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Transmission Shift Kits

Shift Kits

Shift kits are a common upgrade on performance vehicles with automatic transmissions. Many people prefer a harder shifting transmission than the slushy OEM settings. Depending on the kit, you may receive gaskets, springs and spacers to alter the type of shift that occurs. These parts are installed in the valve body and effect the flow of fluid within the transmission. Increasing fluid line pressure usually results in firmer shifts. In addition, some shift improver kits also allow you to change the transmission to downshift at any speed. Many auto transmissions are set to prevent a driver from downshifting into first until you go below a certain speed. Up shifting may also be changed with some shift kits.


Electronic Transmission Shift Programming

Some electronically controlled transmission shifting can be controlled with a dedicated electronic shift programmer. Shift programmers allow you to set the harshness or performance level of the shifts. They may also monitor line pressure, trans temperature and more.

Another option is to go with a full engine programmer. Most of these electronic programmers will control shift harshness as well as handle all of the engine control parameters that are common. Electronic, or computer programmers, are made for may computer controlled vehicles and make it easy to adjust automatic transmission settings for better shifting.