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Automatic Transmissions

Performance Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions are one of the best modern conveniences we have and also one of the hardest to understand how they work. We know they're complex, because even the best shops can have trouble in the rebuild process. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of transmission shops that build reliable high performance automatic transmissions. With them, 99 out of 100 transmissions is a success. Automatic transmissions are just too complex to always get them right every time.


Performance & Reliability

Warranties are only as good as the company that makes the guarantee. There are all kinds of horror stories about companies not standing behind their automatic transmission builds. Couple that with some buyers abusing the transmission and you can see both sides of the performance transmission building game. If you want to reduce your risk, go with a performance transmission company that you know builds consistent automatic transmissions. Also, check to see if the company stands behind the transmissions like they claim. Finally - Read the warranty completely. Don't just read the 3 year 36,000 mile part and assume you're covered. The fine print is there for a reason. Do these things and you should get a good automatic transmission, or at least be taken care of should something go wrong!