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C6 Transmissions

Backing Up Big Blocks & Some SBF's

Used from 1966 to 1996, The Ford C6 found its way into Mustang's, trucks, Fairlanes and many more of Ford's performance muscle cars. Although the C6 was used behind some small block Ford engines, the C6 was primarily the workhorse 3 speed used behind FE Series engines, 429 and 460 engines. It's known for being tough and is just at home off road on a Ford truck as it is at the track. C6 transmission cases are one piece aluminum. The C6 is another transmission that utilizes the Simpson gear set, a mainstay on transmissions designed and built in the 60's. Like most of the 3 speed transmissions, it was phased out for more fuel efficient and computer controlled transmissions in the Mid 90's.


C6 Identification and Spec's

The C4 transmission pan is basically square. The C6 transmission pan is a rectangle with a small rectangle area removed.

    Gear Ratios Are:
  • 2.46:1 1st gear
  • 1.46:1 2nd gear
  • 1.00:1 3rd gear
  • 2.18:1 reverse

The front port on the C6 transmission is the feed out. The rear cooler line is the return line

The C6 holds about 12 quarts of fluid with the converter

Many C6 transmissions have been found in Ford race cars. They are superior performers that can be upgraded even further to handle massive amounts of torque. Because of their long production run and heavy duty components from the factory, they are durable stock. Most high performance transmission builders can make the C6 even better and stronger to back up your big block ford and propel you down the track many times. Racing is a harsh environment for any transmission. Over building a C6 for racing is always preferred!