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C4 Transmissions

C4 Transmission History

C4 TransmissionFord introduced the C4 medium duty transmission in 1964 and used it behind many straight 6 engines and up to 289 and 302 V8's. More powerful engines used the FMX or C6. The C4 utilizes a 3 piece case with a bellhousing, center or main case and a tail housing. The entire case assembly is aluminum. Many Ford cars and some trucks with small block Ford engines and straight 6's used the C4 with great results. Tee C4 used the Simpson Planetary Gear Set like many other automatic transmissions of the day. It could stand up to some abuse and can be rebuilt and upgraded with stronger performance clutches, bands and other parts. It was phased out around 1986 for the 4 speed AOD transmission.



There are several variations of the C4 transmission. 24 and 26 spline input shafts were used, depending on the year. Early C4's used the smaller diameter 24 spline shaft. It was made larger in 1971 for strength. 8 and 9 bolt valve bodies were used. C4 transmission pans are basically square, while the larger Ford C6 has a square pan with a rectangular area removed on one corner.

    Gear Ratios Are:
  • 2.46:1 1st gear
  • 1.46:1 2nd gear
  • 1.00:1 3rd gear
  • 2.20:1 reverse