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700R4 Transmissions

Just Enough Transmission

700R4 Automatic Transmission700R4 transmissions are not generally going to stand up to 800 horsepower and lap after lap at the strip. However, the 700R4 is a great transmission for street cruisers and the car that sees the track a few times per year. It's not that the 700R4 can't be built to take monster abuse, there are just better transmission choices out there if you race a lot. 700R4's are 4 speed overdrive transmissions with lockup converters. They are not computer controlled, but the lockup converter is controlled electronically. If you are retrofitting a 700R4 into a muscle car or street rod, simple kits are available to control the lockup of the converter. The 700R4 is a good transmission to upgrade to for increased fuel mileage if you currently have a 3 speed model. The conversion can yield 30% increases and more in gas mileage. You aren't guaranteed 30%, that's just a common increase that many people see.


700R4 Performance Benefits

If you are used toa 3 speed automatic like theTH350 or 400, a 700R4 will give you a few advantages. First gear in the 700R4 is lower, giving you more available torque off the line if you swapped transmissions. If you were contemplating a rear gear change and need a new tranny anyway, a 700R4 swap might be a good move. You could keep your stock highway gears and get a better launch. You wouldn't have to replace the rear gears as well. Obviously with the overdrive, your RPM's on the highway will be less. We mentioned the fuel mileage savings that the 700R4 can provide, but you will also get a smoother ride and a quieter interior because of the lower RPM's.

700R4 Transmission Specifications

Transmission fluid capacity: 6 quarts

700R4 4L60 (4L60E 1993-1995) (bellhousing pattern - Chevrolet)

Overall Length - Not including Corvette
Overall Length 30 3/4 inches - Bellhousing Height 20 inches
Corvette (1982-1996)
Overall Length 29 7/8 inches - Bellhousing Height 20 inches

4L60E/4L65E 1996-Later (bellhousing pattern Chevrolet/removable)
Not including Corvette and LS1/LS2

Overall Length 30 3/4" - Bellhousing Height 18 1/4"

LS1 and LS2-style (1998-later)
Overall Length 31 5/32 inches - Bellhousing Height 18 1/4 inches