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2004R Transmissions

2004R Tranny History

2004R Automatic TransmissionBack in 1982, GM released the 2004R, or 200-4R, transmissions in several models. The 200R-4 is a 4 speed overdrive transmission. Early factory transmissions had an achilles heel. The lockup converter set-up made for this automatic was basically junk. After this was corrected at GM, the 2004R has been a steady and reliable transmission. Surprisingly, the high performance aftermarket has adapted the once troubled transmission for high horsepower engines. You can build a reliable 200-4R to sit behind 700 horsepower engines and take the abuse. Of course, a number of aftermarket transmission parts should be used to make a reliably built unit.


Proper Filtration and Cooling

As with any automatic transmission, a cool transmission generally lasts longer. 200R-4 transmissions have been known to have a problem with fluid pressure on cars that launch hard. You see this same problem in oil pans. You put your foot down, the car launches and the fluid, or oil, sloshes to the rear of the pan. In hard launches, the filter can become uncovered of transmission fluid, which starves the transmission. This causes bands to burn, which is a quick way to kill a tranny. The solution is to run fluid above the fill line with a deeper pan made specifically for the 200R-4 transmission.

2004R Specifications

Ttransmission fluid capacity: 6 quarts

Overall length 27 11/16 inches
Bellhousing Height 19 1/8 inches
Integral tailhousing

2004R is not computer controlled. The 2004R uses a simple 12 volt feed to control the torque converter clutch solenoid. Gear shifts are done hydraulically.

2004R Gear Ratios
1st = 2.74
2nd = 1.57
3rd = 1.0
4th = .67
Reverse = 2.07